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Recent Gardening Projects

A Concrete Planter Tamed

This large concrete planter in a Maidstone back garden wasn't doing anything to enhance the owner's enjoyment of the space. Features such as these are not to everyone's taste but rather than ignore or remove them an... read more >>

A Bearsted Front Garden Replanted

This front garden in Bearsted was in need of replanting. A dead ceonothus needed removing and initially the customer had thought to replace that with a laurel hedge as a privacy screen but without blocking out too much... read more >>

Low Maintenance Front Garden in Loose

This front garden in Loose, Maidstone had two awkward triangles of grass bordered by ragstone which was difficult to keep neat and tidy and an overcrowded border on the right.We suggested a solution using slate but to... read more >>

Garden Recovery in Allington

Sometimes for whatever reason your garden can get out of your control and it seems beyond help. This Allington garden had weeds up to four feet tall and somewhere underneath that lot was a lawn and a patio. A few hours... read more >>

Low Fencing and Planters in Larkfield

An existing client in Larkfield wanted a solution to untidy front borders. They wanted to use pots rather than plant directly into the ground but wanted the pots to be hidden.The client showed us some Google images of... read more >>

Aylesford Wilderness to Play Area in a Day

The grass had got out of hand and the children's playthings were in danger of being reclaimed by nature.The grass needed strimming and mowing twice but is now back under control. The end of the garden was cleared of weeds... read more >>

Creation of bespoke raised beds in Ditton

An old, slightly off-square raised bed and a few tired old retaining boards needed updating. The customer wanted to be able to work at a comfortable height and make best use of the available space.The site is slightly... read more >>